About Us

What is VPN

VPNVirtual Private Network(VPN) enables users a secure connection to send and receive data on a public network. it creates a secure and privet fake network to serve the internet anonymously. Mostly governments and privet companies use these to hide their Internet activity from hacker and other persons who wanted to track them.


What is VPNAPK.xyz


VPNAPK is started on 21st April 2019. In this site, you will able to download VPN apps for Android device. We do review of different types of VPN Apps available on Paly store. And also suggest which is the best VPN for you.




Nowadays Android users are larger than PC users. And the internet is very un-secure than past days. Hackers take advantages of un-secure connection to hack mobile devices. Also Governments not following Net neutrality and track any users data, After watching all of these shit I have decided to create a blog(VPNAPK.XYZ) and promote VPNs to un-secure people.

Enjoy the blog and if you have any queries then contact us.